Ringing True



            Hundreds of years ago our currency was mostly in the form of coins. Counterfeiters would use nickel or copper to make matching coins replacing the silver ones. In order to tell the difference, merchants would drop coins on a hard surfaces listening for the tones they would make. A counterfeit coin was believed to have a flat sound while the genuine coins tone would be sharp sounding. This was called ringing the Coin, and from that we get the phrase, “Rings True.”

            What rings true with most good hard working folks in this world today is honesty. We have a sever deficiency of honesty in our society today, especially in our government. In order for any culture to exist in harmony with its prospective leadership, the leaders must have an air of truthfulness surrounding them.            Its sort of like trusting your neighbor, you might not want to leave your house unguarded if there is no trust between you and them.

           What rings flat sounding are the constant promises of a utopian society where everyone is supported by Government. The more they promise on the campaign trail of give-a-ways, the flatter sounding politicians become. No politician can replace genuine sound of charity done by a friend or church. Truthfulness and charity comes from the heart and we all know politicians have no hearts, “just kidding.” Of course they have the heart of man, but not of Godly designs.

            What rings true is Jesus Christ, His words, and His promises. We must begin once more to listen for the sound of purity and honesty. We find those qualities only one place, in our bibles, and they give us the true wealth we seek as humans. Christ rings with truthfulness, and Satan’s world, (earthly governments) is flat with evil and dishonesty. If the pages in your bible say one thing, it rings with truthfulness. If any man, preacher, or government tells you scripture means something different from what it says, that is the flat ringing sound of deceit.



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