War on Women



            We hear a lot about wars these days. Many places in the world conflicts are ongoing between different factions for any number of reasons: religion, better status, or corrupt government. I keep hearing from different news sources there is a war ongoing right here in the good-old-US of A. There seems to be a serious war being waged and they call it, “The war on women.” Now what right-minded man or person would wage such a war?

                        But I have to say I haven’t seen this mythological war occurring in my neighborhood, nor any bodies on the sides of roads as a result of this conflict. And I soon discovered to my shock and dismay, it’s not a physical war. It turns out to be what they call, “a quiet war.” It’s a war to end all wars in the social realm of America’s society. The evil white male has been a bully too long and now he has met his match.  The main battle has taken place where he least expected it, right in his own home.

            Perhaps the opening salvo begins with a simple suggestion, the wife stays home, has children, teaching and mentoring them while the man makes the living. This is unacceptable and demands a swift reply of shock and awe proportions, holding back peace and serenity within the home until such demands are dropped and never to resurface. What were you men thinking?

            I was raised to be somewhat smart about picking my battles and I have to say, this is one war that wouldn’t fair well for men, if it were true. In a battle with women, the women have all the advantages; they’re more cunning than men for one thing, and they have all the allies on their side, kids and neighbors. They garner the larger amount of sympathy and have enormous amount of recourses in social advocacies and regulatory bodies. Men are only allies to other men and I have to say, we have a lot of traitors among our ranks.

            Seriously, is there such a war occurring? We all know there are social injustices everywhere in society. It will never be totally equal for every person male or female, black, white, or brown. But women and other minorities have made giant strides in the last half-century. There is equality if you look for equality, and there is inequality if all you do is spend you life searching for it.

            In Isaiah 3:12, it says women will be our rulers, perhaps we men have already lost the battle and we don’t realize it, yet! It also says that those who take that lead cause us to err and destroy our ways. The battle may be lost, especially for men. Christ will return one day and the wars were having between one another will cease; who will care who won or lost at that time?


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