The Better Man



            Billy Graham once wrote: “Until we solve the human equation called man and get him straightened out, we will never have a peaceful world. You’ve got to build a better man before you can build a better society.”

            The human equation was the creation of Christ. It was the beginning formation of a new and different experiment for the heavens. Humans were made unique beings unlike the usual angel, cherubim, or seraphim. Man’s existence was out of the realm of the usual sphere where all the other creatures dwell. The whole physical creation might have been confusing to the angelic creatures in the beginning. It may have been threatening to some of the common dwellers of the eternal kingdom.

            It may have become a challenge to portions of the angelic realm; the more rebellious may have concluded they had little recourse but to end the experiment. Destroy the man-creature at any cost, maybe even believing they would be doing Christ a favor in the process.

Sound far-fetched? The bible says men would destroy men believing they were doing God a favor, and we know a third of the angels followed Satan in rebellion.

Are we the problem with the world, or is there another influence contributing to the corruption of society?

            The better man is the one that has devoted his or her life to Christ. Scripture also tells us this is only the beginning of our creation. We are to become new creatures it says in 2 Corinthians 5:17; new to earth and new to heaven. We will then have the better man and the better world.


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