The Hunt



            Lee Sharp once told a story where he said; many of us are like a little boy we meet trudging along a country road with a B.B. gun over his shoulder. “What are you hunting, buddy?” we asked. “Dunno, sir, I ain’t seen it yet.”

            We all seem to be on life’s preverbal hunting expedition. We search for the right everything, some are quickly satisfied with what they find, and others are seemed to never be appeased. When we’re young, we spend our time searching for the perfect mate, while they’re searching for us, hoping against all odds, we’ll somehow meet.

            Some search for the prefect foods, reading labels to ensure the content is nutritious and healthy and its okay by our standards.  While others are just searching for something to eat, not caring what’s in it as long as it doesn’t bite back.

            Many women continually search for the perfect dress, or shoes spending hours looking and hunting the exact match for their wardrobe. Men on the other hand will throw on anything that doesn’t embarrass them or their spouse, but they’ll search for the right golf clubs or ski boat and believe me, the color has to be perfect.

            Our days are filled with searching for this or that and the internet has made that search easier for many. A person can spend hours on end searching for just for anything. Sometimes we’re like little Buddy, we don’t know what were searching for until we see it. Christ says, if you truly search God out with all your heart, you will find him.

            Sometimes we don’t know we’ve been searching for Christ even though we’ve had a great desire to find Him. We may not know Him when we find Him, or how to process what we’ve just found. We only know something’s changed, something’s different in our lives and we are truly satisfied for the first time.


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