An employer interviewing an applicant remarked, You ask high wages for a man with no experience.” “Well,” he relied, “it’s so much harder to work when you don’t know anything about it.”

            We know this is simply a funny story about perspective. The perspective of the boss is, the young man starts at the bottom showing what he has what it takes to make it to the top, and that includes wages. The perspective of the beginner is, he should make more at the beginning because he has the extra burden of learning the job on top of his regular duties.

            We all would like the world to work like the vision of the beginner, but reality is a teacher of common sense. Reality teaches us that the beginning of something is full of learning and surprises; it’s an opportunity to explore the boundaries of our abilities. In the beginning, we learn what we’re good at and what is beyond our reach; we find the safe zone and exist between the parameters. The more we are willing to spend time learning the more expanses our parameters become.

            It’s the same with God; the beginning of our learning is full of work and trying to understand His will. We start our journey with God wanting to know everything at once, but struggle to grasp simple concepts presented before us. The job we’re given by God from the beginning is to go though all the material presented before us, categorize it, examine it, learn the relevant parts, and discard the bad information. That is God’s perspective.

            Man’s perspective is like the beginner in our story, they want all the rewards in the beginning, with little or no effort involved. God is the governor of reality, and although the reward is there for everyone in the end. The work is important to ensure we’re successful and we’ve achieved all that is between the parameters set by God for us.





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