The Christian Experience


Harry Lieberman once wrote, an American is a guy that sips Brazilian coffee from an English cup while sitting on Danish furniture after coming home in his German car from an Italian movie, and then writes his congressman with a Japanese ball point pen, demanding he do something about all the gold leaving the country.
Kind of hits the nail on the head in describing an Americans. We’re a mix nation of different cultures coming together within a set boundary creating a powerful nation of peoples. Our heritage stems from our belief, “All men are created equal in the sight of God.”
Most of these folks call themselves Christians, but a Christian is much like the American as described earlier. He or she worships in buildings made by cheap labor supplied by the Mexicans who are mostly Catholic, using wood cut by Presbyterians, fastened to concrete poured by Baptist, decorated by stain glass windows from the Church of Scotland. Alters are fashioned by Episcopalians overlooking the pews built by Amish sitting within a building topped with a steeple built by the Assemblies of God. They all raise their voices to God in praise from hymnals written by Methodist, and read from bibles printed by non-denominationalist publishers. Church of Christ preachers use modern day Pentecostal sermons, which were first given by the Church of England ministers hundreds of years ago. All the parts are interchangeable as to who built what, or wrote what, but they all come together to create the Sunday worship experience; if I left one or two out just plug them in somewhere.
They all bring a slightly different view of God into their worship, He changes marginally from denomination to denomination, but they all agree on one thing, He changed from the Old Testament to the New Testament, even though He says, “I change not!” No matter what the buildings look like, or the seats we sit in, and songs we sing, Christ is and has always been the same yesterday, today and forever. He is one God with one heritage and one message, Repent.


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