He wrecked his car, he lost his job, and yet throughout his life, he took his troubles like a man-he blamed them on his wife!

            Who do we blame our troubles on? Are we like the man in this story and blame our short-comings on the most convenient person, who usually is our spouse. Or do we make up stories about fictitious persons causing our problems, diverting attention away from ourselves.

            Blaming others for our own inabilities seems to have become a national past-time today. There was a time in this nation when folks took responsibly for their actions, but like prayer in schools, it is a thing of the past.    

            Our youth is missing so much wonderful teachings and instructions by not hearing and reading the words in the bible. They are missing lessons in truth, responsibility, integrity, and how to conduct ones life with honor. These are attributes of those that don’t blame others but own-up to their own misgivings.

            What’s wrong with the world today? Just look out into the vast sea of people and search for those that fit the man in story above. When you’ve found him or her; ask yourself one question. Can they be trusted? If you say yes, you need not worry about them, but you might take a hard look at yourself. If you’ve said no, you’re probably one who cries out for relief from oppression of his fellow man and seeking justice.

            But don’t worry too much, they’ve blamed Christ much longer than they’ll ever blame you, and they killed him. Once more, don’t be too anxious, after all, Christ took all the blame for both you and me.


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