Fred Allen once said, “If criticism had any real power to harm, the skunk would be extinct by now.”

            How do any of us deal with day-to-day criticisms? Are we like the preverbal duck where criticisms are like rainwater running off its back or instead; do we take every harsh word to heart? We live in a world where back-biting is all too common these days. Media is full of critics who make their livelihood criticizing others. Politics it seems is nothing but criticisms of each person’s opponent; it would be nice to see a race where they pointed out the good in the other for once.

            We are a world ready to lower the critic boom on those we disagree with. It seems, we’re rarely able to see the good in others, only their flaws. Some folks enjoy the nit-picking and fill the hours of the day looking for chances to criticize others for any small indiscretion. I wonder, are those folks trying to compensate for their own inabilities in life, or are they just mean inside?

            Criticisms really abound when it comes to our beliefs. Others can’t stand the way some of us believe in God, or the fact we believe in God at all. Some folks criticize our church because we keep the Sabbath, even though all the disciples and Christ kept it. Some criticize our church because we abstain from unclean foods; although all the disciples and Christ abstained from them as well.

            We’re criticized for following in the footsteps of Christ, but that’s okay; He said we would be for His sake. They criticized Him daily and His power increased, and theirs decreased daily. Criticism won’t make Christians extinct; it will make us flourish in our faith. Criticism brings attention and attention brings an opportunity to witness to those that would criticize. Don’t be a critic, after all; the Christians will never go away because they’ll live for an eternity with Christ, where there will be absolutely no critics at all.


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