We’re Americans




            Herbert Bayard Swope once wrote, “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure-which is: Try to please everybody.

            We’ve now engaged ourselves in attempting to please the entire nation that much is evident. We’ve increased social programs to the tune of trillions added to our deficits. In some states, the amount of social expenditures per person is equivalent to a $40,000.00 dollar a year job.

            The overriding question, “Can we make all society happy, healthy, and secure by social engineering?” A utopian society has been the dream of many world leaders throughout history and recently in history, the dream of drug- induced college students who spend most of their time living in fantasy land. Liberal college professors mix and mash their gullible minds into molds like themselves producing barely functional clones. Evidence of this can clearly be seen in how our government is being run today. People who went though the college gin-mills emerge with a mission of American de-construction bent on social engineering. We now see the payoff in action, producing great upheaval and turmoil throughout the heartland of America with programs like Obamacare.

            Is it the Governments job to try and make everyone happy by making all things equal?   No it’s not, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t make all men equal. The more you push equality on society, the less equal society becomes. You can’t take from achievers, give to un-achievers and expect a good outcome. Some folks work harder, have more abilities, and understand getting ahead means more effort. Others expect society to give them what they can’t get for themselves by hard work. When society works naturally, it creates great wealth pulling up those at the bottom to a better status. It has been that way in this nation for hundreds of years. Not until government stepped in did it begin to falter; government became the barrier to societal expansion.

             Thomas Jefferson wrote,” The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

            Our government is willing to sacrifice our security for social equality. We as a nation have now decided to decrease our already small military to ridiculous levels and increase social spending to even greater heights of social pandering. We can’t expect good things to come about from this kind of reasoning. It’s a nightmare in full bloom and we the people are center stage in this horror story. The threats in the world today would dictate to a rational thinking person, we need more military not less. We need less social spending, not more. And we need a better presence throughout the world, not hiding behind borders of our nation.   

            When will it end? When can we expect to wake-up and find it has all been just a bad dream? Unless the people standup and rise to the occasion, we can only expect it to get worse. Our leadership on both sides of the isles haven’t the spine to do what the people of this nation truly want from it. That’s for them to get out of our daily lives and do what the framers of this nation intended them to do, protect our interest at home and abroad militarily, not socially.

            Self-interest and a power drunk government are swaggering over our every move. Using the NSA and IRS to squelch the voices of the people believing they can control our lives. They think they know how to run our lives better than we do, but we know better. We live in this land, we raise our children in this land, and we’ve bled for this land. They sit on their thrones and demand subservience by countless regulations, illegal by all standards according to the constitution.  But Americans bow to no-one, no country, no single man, and no dictators, we’re Americans not sheep.


By Ron Harmon



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