Rich or Poor



            If you want to know how rich you really are, find out what would be left of you tomorrow if you should lose every dollar you own tonight. J.H.Boetcker

            In this nation we’re believers creating great wealth for ourselves. We measure our accomplishments by IRA’s, stocks, Commodities, Bonds, and retirement accounts. Our status among our piers is portrayed by the kind of car we drive, suits or dresses we wear, or vacations we take. We feel the bigger and better our house is the richer we look, add in pool, and a gardner we can begin using that European accent we’ve been anxious to try.        

            Everybody wants a large slice of the pie, all we want is to be comfortable we tell ourselves. We want to be rich enough, so we’ll be free from worrying about the next house or car payment. We tell ourselves if we could only win the jackpot we would give a portion to charity, which would be our way of thanking God.

            What Mr. Boetcker was saying, what would you do if it was the reverse, you became dirt poor over-night. How would you feel about yourself? How would you view the world? Would you do like many do on Wall Street, and do away with yourself?  

            Our wealth doesn’t come from this world, it comes from God. But we can’t seem to grasp the concept of God as a being something more than a piggy bank. Money has become the God of many in this nation and when all is lost, they feel betrayed by their God because of this reason.

            Christ isn’t interested in how much physical value you’re worth; He’s interested in the spiritual value you’ve become. Build your wealth within the arena of God’s commandments and you will have riches beyond imagination for the riches of earth are temporary at best.


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