Making Our Mark



            To make ones mark in the world came from a time when smiths or artisans would brand their creations with their own mark or name distinguishing them from similar goods.

            To make our mark we too must become different, we cannot be the same as the rest of the world. Our mark makes us unique; it sets us apart, it makes us who we are. It’s the easy road traveled to be the same as everyone else, we can blend in and no-one takes notice.

            Entertainers, politicians, local celebrities make their mark by reminding you who they are everyday. They trademark their names where they can only be used for certain advertisements or endorsements. They make money when others stamp their names on a product they’ve endorsed. They’ve made their mark in this world and their mark helps sales.

            If you belong to God, you’re marked. Marked by the Holy Spirit at baptism; it means “to set aside or separate.” It means you’re set aside for the work of Christ, you carry the brand of Christ, and you no-longer are just another number in this world.

            A mark means it’s unique, it means its different, it’s not common any-longer, so what is different about the church of God, the true church, the one mentioned in scriptures. One brand they all carried was the Sabbath, they all kept the Sabbath.  What’s different about God’s church today, what’s unique? Could it be the same today that sets them aside from this world? Could it be the Sabbath, it sure is a mark.


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