Hope is a word or concept every person embraces in their lives. Hope even includes atheists and the worst criminals imaginable. Defining hope: “Is the confident desire or a feeling that something desirable is about to happen.” Or, “It is an expectation of something, or wish to get or do something to happen or come true, especially something that is likely to happen.”

            Some folks live their lives based upon hope. They hope their lottery tickets will give them the fortune they desire. They hope they will land that new job they’ve been trying to get for so long. They hope they will somehow get that new home, car, or any number of things in their lives.

            Hope’s presented in many ways; as a dove, or on a symbol of some type. It’s a symbol of Christ sacrifice who gives hope to the world. Hope will keep us going when we’re down and ready to give-up. Hope is the last straw for so many in this world, because hope doesn’t sound religious but hope is ingrained within every human.

            Hope’s there when we’ve rejected God and cleansed ourselves of all other remnants of His presence in our lives. God made it impossible to rid oneself completely of Him, because hope always remains. Hoping is not only human, it’s the beginning of faith; it’s like the new single blade of grass in the spring trying to come forth.           

            But to be really effective it needs faith and love along side to help it grow. Faith, Hope, and love work within God’s people, giving hope to many for a greater life after this one. I hope to see you in the Kingdom; I have faith Christ wants you there. But the greatest of these is love, because Christ Kingdom is built on love. Hope is the built in human desire wanting to be with God, hopefully it will soon happen with His coming.


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