Henry Wald  Beecher once said, “The real democratic American idea is not that every man shall be on a level with  every other, but that everyone shall have liberty, without hindrances, to be what God made him.”

            No one man has more rights than any other. No one man is owed more than any other. But liberty gives all men the same opportunities to excel or fail; it’s totally our choices and abilities that make us who we are. No one should reasonably expect to be compensated for their efforts to do nothing; yet, our nation is full of such folks.      

            Opportunity is what our nation is all about, and many immigrants with foresight and internal fortitude waste no time taking advantage of the liberty to excel. While others born in our great nation set such convictions aside and pursues the sluggard side of life.      God gave the great majority at birth equal amounts of everything. He gave us, two eyes, two ears, two legs, two arms, one nose, one brain to think with, and one mouth that can make us seem intelligent or very ignorant. How we use these are our only God given rights we have in this world. If we choose to employ them for nothing, our Godly wages are zero in return. If we employ them for their created intentions; we have a reasonable expectation to eat and survive. Only when government steps in does the opposite happen. The liberty God grants us all to fail or succeed is perverted into a right to be fed for no other reason than being human.

            We all have the duty to help our fellowman, and those that find themselves down in life because of unforeseen circumstances should be helped. But living off the system is Satan at work and has no place in a God fearing nation where liberty makes all men equal.



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