The Opposite is True


There are many ironies a person encounters in their life. Sometimes we get up to go to bed, or it’s said, we might work at play. We find ourselves struggling to get to the bottom of things and need answers to important questions and we don’t care how long it takes. We’ll find ourselves laughing at funerals, crying at weddings, we might giggle at inappropriate times or shed a tear for a great movie ending. We sometimes love those we hate, and hate those we love.
There are those that hate guns with fervor; yet, call for men carrying guns when they’re in trouble. We dread to see the lights of a police car, but it brings relief to our souls when we need them.
Our government is full on ironies; we see lawmakers continuously breaking laws they make. They say more taxes help the people, and more regulations make us safer, but they are found avoiding taxes and skirting regulations. We’re told by our honorable representatives what we should eat, where we should sleep, smoke, or drive. Yet, they eat, sleep, smoke, and drive wherever they please. I guess the true irony is, you have to be a politician to be truly free in this nation.
But, we see greatness in the smallest of things and ignore the many small wonders in our vast universe. Most have gifts or special abilities like art, poetry, or writing, but rarely take advantage of their God given abilities. We love to see others work of beauty, but hide our own creations because someone might see them.
We deny God’s presence as a country and as a people, but invoke his name in times of trouble. Most folks live their lives without being hampered by religion, but still believe God is present in their lives. We cry out in prayers seeking God’s help, but never once thought God may have needed our help, so we weren’t there for Him. How ironic is it, the creator of this world loved you from the foundation of its beginnings, but we can’t find even enough love to recognize He exists.


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