Sitting In My Head


I was listening to a news show the last evening and one of the anchors mentioned someone sitting in another person’s head. I ponder the meaning of the expression and decided they are those in my realm of influence that tend to occupy space and time in my noggin. It’s not pleasant to come to that realization because it means I’m letting others bother me in ways that brings satisfaction to them. They are those where being in others heads is their goal in life. It garners them a sense of accomplishment to see their victim’s squirm under intense pressure they created.
Many friends or neighbors often stop by in my head just to bring by a weekly dose of friendly antagonisms. They deliver timely gossip deriving from being in others heads shortly before they were evicted and moved on to me. We seem to take up residence in others heads without knowing it and have to be asked to leave often by the slamming the minds shut. We really try to be neighborly but some folks just take advantage of the open door policies in our heads.
The politicians really get into my head on occasions and they’re the nastiest bunch of all, because they’re so hard to get out. They’re like ticks buried on a hound-dog once they’ve established their presence in your head. All they want you to think about is them, all they talk about is them; we need to invent some interior head-wash just for them.
The one I want taking up residence in my head more than any other person or thing is God. But, He is the hardest to get to stay; I have to keep inviting Him in. I try and keep His commandments because He said if we did, He would be in our hearts and minds, and that is exactly where I want God, taking up space in my head.


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