Doves, Hawks, and Buzzards


In the world of Birds there are many different types, but in relation to man and the bible there are three distinctive types of birds I would like to discuss. There is the Dove, the Hawk, and the Buzzard. All three have different rolls of to fill in the world; all three can be used as a description of mans actions.
Doves are one of few birds that mate for life, and create milk for their young. Doves are a symbol of peace, love, and hope for humankind. It was the second bird released by Noah from the Ark after the Raven he first released failed to return. The dove returned thereby becoming the symbol of hope of a new beginning for man. It is used as the symbol of the Holy Spirit of God coming down to us at baptism.
Hawks are a predator bird which kills their prey with their claws instead of their beaks like other types of predator birds. They also mate for life, some as long as forty five years. In spite of their reputation some types of Hawks are considered quite gentle. But in the realm of man a Hawk is pictured as someone who seeks war over peace. A hawk is a seeker of battle, who prefers the use of the sword over the offering of the olive branch.
Buzzards, well what can one say about buzzards? They’re the garbage disposals of nature, and they eat just about anything. They prefer the meals to be dead and rotting; living animals aren’t on their menus. They take advantage of the destruction around them and gorge themselves on the unfortunate.
These three are different in nature; they’re also different brands of men. The bible says the peacemaker is a “son of God.” The hawk although not portrayed in a warrior light in scripture is still used by man as one who seeks solutions with a sword, via the hawk’s talons. One, who seeks to live by the sword, will die by the sword.
But the vulture is the scary one, because it is the one who actually preys on men. The buzzard is the type of person that seeks the down-and-out, which takes advantage of the hopeless. The buzzard circles around hunting for those who have given up so it can take all that is left. When the dove and the hawk fail, the buzzard shows his face, death is around the corner, and there is no more time to make a difference. Have you ever wondered which describes you best of these three birds; are you a dove, hawk, or a vulture? God Knows!


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