Mind Your Business



            Have you ever been told to mind your own business? I have, and I have to say it’s a bit unpleasant to be told you have your nose where it doesn’t belong. We’re told from the time we can understand English, by parents, teachers and others we’re to mind our own business. It’s good manners and proper etiquette to keep ones private life to themselves, and stay out of the business of others.

Minding your own business would keep the normal human being busy for a lifetime, there should be no need to interfere in others lives. Unfortunately, there are some in this world who didn’t get the memo. They’re the ones with their nose sticking out of the curtains checking out who’s going to your home every time you pull into the driveway.

They’re the ones who offer advice when the last thing you need is more advice. They can tell you who’s done what, where, and when, and for how long. Their worlds consist of speculation, conjecture, and innuendo’s giving life to any hair-brain theorys they may concoct. They ruin lives and careers with no more evidence than smiles an inopportune time witnessed by the self imposed arbiters of others business.

We Christians are well adept at getting into others business, it seems to be our natural gift or calling. Christ says to work out your own salvation. I believe as much as He was talking about salvation, he was also inferring to keep your nose where it doesn’t belong. Work out your own life and leave others to theirs before you do unintended damage by your interference. We have plenty on our own plates; after all, no one is perfect, especially those seeking dirt on others. We will be judged by the same standard in which we judge; remember that next time you get into the life of another human being.


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