Fog of Christianity

Greetings: The story goes something like this. A little boy asked his father:” Did you go to Sunday school when you were little?” “Certainly,” said his father. “I never missed a Sunday.” See, Mother?” said the little boy. “It won’t do me any good either.” What kind of example are we portraying to those around… Read More Fog of Christianity


Greetings: Two young boys had a favor to ask their mother. They were afraid she wouldn’t grant it. “You ask her,” said the older one. “No, you.” “Go ahead and ask her,’ the older boy repeated. “No, it would be better if you did it,” answered his younger brother. “You’ve known her longer than I… Read More Mom


Greetings:               A man once said, “The trouble with us is that we like to be near enough to bask in Christ’s glory, but not near enough to help carry the cross.”             Most Christians today it seems are affiliated with this sentiment; it’s prevalent among the young and old, rich and poor. It… Read More Christians