A man once said, “The trouble with us is that we like to be near enough to bask in Christ’s glory, but not near enough to help carry the cross.”

            Most Christians today it seems are affiliated with this sentiment; it’s prevalent among the young and old, rich and poor. It crosses all boundaries of classes and its even found in the Ministry. We want to be close to God when we find it suits our needs. Most will find an extra thirty seconds for prayer when things aren’t going well expecting immediate results. We call upon God like a butler who stays out of sight until we chime a tiny bell for service. We then expect Him to appear forthright to service our every need without hesitation.

            We want the holiness attributed to religion but fear to show we believe because our friends might think we’re a little weird. When we do take a small stand for our beliefs, we’re chopped off at the knees by other so-called-Christians who are uncomfortable with the subject. We don’t challenge anyone who does speak-out because we don’t know enough about the bible to carry on an intelligent conversation about our beliefs. So we walk around blindly following others who sound like they know what their talking about.

            We stand at the base of the proverbial cross always looking up at the one who’s hanging there, forgetting it’s us who put Him on it. We can’t seem to stand there long studying the effects of our sins, because there’s more nails to gather. To honor Christ properly would be to learn who the man was that took our place on the stake, but for most it seems, they like being religious, but they don’t want to get too close. After all, they may be identified as one of His followers, oh boy, then you’re in trouble.


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