A Choking Vine


In Texas we have a vine that grows, and grows and grows. We call it a briar; I’m not sure of the scientific name but in country-boy lingo it go something like this, “That *%$#! &^#$*&^ vine.” If left unabated it can grow until you can’t walk through and it can stop a riding lawn mower from penetrating its thick foliage. It will grow as long as it has something to hang onto, even to the tops of tree.
The vine becomes so evasive and so thick they block the sunlight’s life-giving rays destroying whatever it covers. Wrapping its tentacles around a tree like a sea-monster pulling down a sailing ship, the vines will smother trees leaving nothing more than deadwood. The vines smother fences, barns, old windmills, and electric lines with the same indifference.
The vines are overpowering and hard to manage, you can cut them down but they simply grow back. Weed killer has little affect and who wants to keep spraying poison after poison on the ground? Burning them seems to be the best way to deal with them, but with the drought and not much rain there are few times in the year where that options is available.
The vines are like the world, always closing around us, becoming thicker and ever intrusive. The world is chocking the life out of many Christians, consuming every bit of light from God, leaving only former shells of once vibrant lives. Destroying the choking vine of humanities worst effects takes special care. It takes constant cutting and pruning so new growth can happen. Burning away the old and allowing the new to spring forth is the remedy Christians should be applying. But few it seems understand the vine has a hold on us all, even those we call leaders in our churches.
Christ is the fire we need to wipe out the grappling vines of the world. The vines fade away one by one as we apply His words to our lives. It takes fighting daily for the good to keep the choking vines at bay. Daily instruction and encouragement from Christ reveals God’s creation around us without the smothering affects of the choking vine.



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