Two young boys had a favor to ask their mother. They were afraid she wouldn’t grant it. “You ask her,” said the older one. “No, you.” “Go ahead and ask her,’ the older boy repeated. “No, it would be better if you did it,” answered his younger brother. “You’ve known her longer than I have.”
Moms are special people, and really good moms are the heartbeat of the family that keeps it alive and functional. They were our nurse when we were hurt needing that special touch for just the right amount of sympathy. They were teachers of math, reading and writing. Moms taught us the bible, all about Noah, Samson, and Jesus. Moms taught us how to say words we couldn’t pronounce so we would quit embarrassing the family. They counseled us on behavior both from the heart to our behind, and consoled our grief when our favorite goldfish died. They cooked our meals to fill our stomachs and gave us hugs to fill our hearts. Moms mended our clothes and made our beds picked up and washed our clothes without as much as a thanks. They took us to school and all the extra activities afterwards just so we could enjoy the things we loved.
We’ve known our moms all our lives and they’ve rarely failed us. They deserve our love and admiration. So on this special occasion, Mother’s Day. Hug them, console them, help them, feed them, and love them, but most of all thank them. After all, they’re Mom.


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