High Hopes, Low Expectations


It seems I’ve always had high hopes in nearly every endeavor I’ve pursued, but I eventually became overcome with low expectations. My high hopes were more prevalent when I was much younger, being naive with how the world actually works but I was always optimistic in my pursuits. The positives pushed aside any reluctance to press ahead even in the face of overwhelming odds.
The low expectations come in when my hope succumbs to realization of the facts. I’ve never began any event in my life with low expectations but ended there when hopes vanish away like the wind. Settling with the low side of life isn’t the ideal frame of mind anyone should seek. But it becomes difficult to keep having high hopes when every experience one might have leaves them with low expectations.
One place in my life where my high hopes exceeded my expectations was with God. The expectation of change was real, so was the blessing I’ve received in my life. I’ve learned low expectations are from the human side of life because nothing matches the relationship we can have with Christ. I know some have said they’ve had high hopes with Christ and wound up with low expectations but my question to them is, “Were yo expecting God to do everything for you?”
Did you not know God has high hopes for each of us and He will do His part in our lives if we let Him. But, we have expectations to fulfill in the relationship between us for there to be the greatest expectation of all, a reunion between God and us in the Kingdom. This is my high hope and total expectation, what’s yours?


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