I Won’t Stand Fo It!

In the halls of our nations capitol words are being spoken illustrating different individuals outrage over our veteran’s treatment in V.A. centers across this beloved nation. One leader in particular our commander in chief, seemed especially displeased and made the comment, “I won’t stand for it.” In light of this being the weekend of Memorial Day honoring those how’ve served and made the ultimate sacrifice for every other American citizen, I thought it fitting to illustrate what not standing for something really means.
The founding of this nation was codified upon the premise we were a free people and wouldn’t allow foreign nations to run roughshod over us. Many gave their lives and fortunes based on this idea and wouldn’t stand for anything else.
The civil war tested our resolve as a nation giving rise once more that all its citizens must be free and equal, and have the right to pursue happiness and prosperity.
We couldn’t stand for anything different, because it was right, and the honorable thing to do. As a Godly nation we took up arms against our brothers to ensure the liberty for all Americans. The war against brothers left many in this nation wounded and suffering, and as a result the V.A. was born to deal with the injuries of war.
World war one & two gave rise to newer medicines and treatments born out of the misery of our fallen and wounded heroes. Once more our men went to war because of the oppression of others and their cry was, “We won’t stand for it.” As a world came together to confront the wrongs to the oppressed, our nation was at the forefront of every conflict showing, we truly won’t stand for it.
Korea, Viet Nam, Iraqi, Afghanistan and countless skirmishes around the world had always reflected our attitude of not standing for evil where ever it was found. We may not have always been one hundred percent right, but we had our principles and honor and that was our guide.
Today in our nation’s capitol, not standing for something means you’ve said the words a political play book says you should say. It has little meaning to those exposing the words, only that the words are said and the tenor was right. Honor means nothing to many of our nation’s leaders and it’s reflected in the treatment of the men and women who have served this nation. It has become a sad day in America when we won’t stand up and do the right thing for those who’ve served.
We The People should not stand for it! We are a nation because others didn’t stand by and let professional politicians make a joke of their sacrifice, neither should we. We should be screaming to the top of our lungs, “We won’t stand for that,” and maybe Washington would hear us and do the honorable thing. This weekend honor those who have fallen, and honor all the other veterans by telling your congressman to help do the right thing and fix the V.A.
God Bless this nation.


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