Fog of Christianity


The story goes something like this. A little boy asked his father:” Did you go to Sunday school when you were little?” “Certainly,” said his father. “I never missed a Sunday.” See, Mother?” said the little boy. “It won’t do me any good either.”
What kind of example are we portraying to those around us? Is it like the little boy’s father who proclaims to be Christian but lives a different type of life? Do we truly believe we can claim to be one thing and live a different life and no one will take notice or say anything at all?
Children take notice of everything we do, right or wrong they are silent witnesses and the portages of our actions. Many times we live our lives as if what we do doesn’t matter to the world, but it does, to our children and the ones we love. If we act like life matters to us, then it will matter to them.
How we act matters to God, it matters so much our spiritual lives depend upon it. If we act like our physical lives don’t matter and we needn’t be an example of righteous living, why would God believe we would treat a spiritual life any different?
Nothing is guaranteed for the world; just believing isn’t all you have to do. If that were the case the demons would be given front row seats in the Kingdom, James 2:19 “Even the demons believe-and tremble.” Just being a Christian isn’t enough, just saying you’re a Christian isn’t enough! Like a little child, you have to put away worldly traditions, look past the fog of deceit and do something for God for the first time in your Christian life.


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