One man asked another, “How long did it take your wife to learn to drive?” “It will be ten years in September,” he said.
Some things are ongoing and never seem to end. Our daily lives are filled with times of frustration and challenges we must endure simply because we’re humans.
Patience helps to make living life easier, don’t believe me, try it once. Without patience everything becomes a challenge, full of apprehension, feelings of helplessness, and constant frustrations. It can affect one’s physical health as well as your spiritual condition.
They’re many ways to develop patience, first and foremost, understanding in most instances, we cannot affect our surroundings. What others do is out of our control, they may drive us crazy at times but we are bystanders in their worlds.
Learning to forgive is another way of developing patience. Getting angry and outraged over others mistakes or even unintended intrusions into our lives, like being cut off on the highway are challenges we must overcome.
When your patience wears thin, like now, reading this reminder, remember the patience Christ has shown us all. If not for His love and patience with us all, we would be truly hopeless. But we’re not hopeless because He does forgive and He does care about our lives.


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