Where Are You Going?


It was said, for the first 20 years of a man’s life his mother asks him where he is going. For the next 40 years his life his life, his wife ask the same question and at his funeral so do his mourners.
Most everyone understands the underlying meaning of this story, it’s obvious it’s alluding to the outcome of ones death. The story uses the doctrine of an eternal spirit going to heaven or hell at death as its punch line. But does the bible really teach that the final breath man breathes is immediately preceded by a trip to one of two realms, one of great glory or one of great sacrifice.
I like to begin this question by asking, “Is it fair to send a baby just born, and then died a week later to a place where they would burn forever and ever?” Not to mention, the mother being in heaven watching and knowing her baby is in such a place. You can add anyone else that never was in the right place in history to be fortunate enough to hear the teachings of Christ and be able to accept Him. Is this a fair God? Who do you know you would want to end up in such a place for eternity? Who do you hate so much, that you would take solace in the fact they are in hell?
We say Jesus is a God of love but this doctrine is the opposite of that portrait. It seems as a society we want this doctrine to be true, so much so, we reject bible teachings of a different outcome after death. Are our father’s traditions that important we ignore the teachings of scripture? Remember one thing else, Christ said we are measured by the same ruler we measure by. Using that gauge, how do you compare with the ones you’ve already sent to hell in your own minds?


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