Liar’s Gold


We’ve just recently retuned from a weeks trip to Colorado where being out of touch is far from a clique. We camped far back in the forest on my privet property at an altitude over nine thousand feet. Another clique comes to mind when I say, “it literally takes your breathe away.”
Our little group spent the week exploring, seeing new and old sights, and meeting people from all over the country. We fished several places, (where allowed) and caught several trout we can’t wait to cook and eat.
We also tried our hand at gold panning just to learn the way it’s done. In the small-town just north of our land, you can pay the town five dollars and pan for gold in the river that runs through it. We met some interesting charters who spent days digging out a living searching for the elusive flacks.
As I sat and panned for my on riches, it dawned on me the incredible amount of work one must invest finding just a few gold flakes. Even then, a person has to be careful because the ground is full of what is called liar’s gold, you could be fooled into thinking you have the real thing, when you rally don’t. Liar’s gold sits throughout the fine dirt glistening and tantalizing the eye, enticing the person into thinking he has found a pan full of gold. But the liar’s gold is easily sifted out and a person must work the pan down to its finest form to find the real riches hidden in the darkest of dirt.
It also occurred to me the similarities in searching for God’s truth. How much energy is spent on searching, and digging for the truth held within the pages of our bibles? We search of tiny flakes of truth, spending enormous amount of time separating the false from the pure truth. But it seems that most are mesmerized with the shinny liar’s gold and are drawn to the ease in which it presents itself. They latch onto the shinny glittering presentations at the top leaving the real truth undiscovered deep within scripture.
Liar’s gold is worth nothing, it’s sifted away, and so are folks who are mesmerized by the shinny words spoken in glistening ways. Even Christ is sifting the world looking for the real gold in his people mixed amongst the world. One day he will have sifted the world down to the finest of the few, pure and genuine among those who are shinny and sparkly but whom in truth are really, just liars.


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