The Best


John J Audubon once wrote:”The woods would be silent if no birds sang there, except those that sang best.”
The best of human kind may be the most eloquent, they may be the better educated of society, and they may even be more advanced intellectually. But the world would be a lonely place if only they existed. It would be lonely because the best would be ordinary in such a world, they wouldn’t stand out.
The best have all the advantages in life; yet, often times they squander everything away. Since they’ve had positions the ordinary man hasn’t, it’s common for them to have the support from institutions and people with great influence. The world is their oyster and its very good to them, the best lacks little.
The best may be defined as the elite, the crème de la crème of the world, but do they truly have the best of everything? In their world, there is nothing they can’t achieve, nothing they can’t have, nothing they can’t aspire to. But can they realize with all their intellectual abilities, wealth, power, and prestige they still lack the one thing necessary to be the very best.
The very best defined by Christ, “is those that love and follow his commands.” The true elite are those that give away worldly pearls for the riches of the kingdom of Christ. The special, brightest, and greatest are found in places the ordinary man can’t go; but best of this world wouldn’t be caught dead where ordinary men dwell. Christ best are the poor, ragged, lost, and humbled, the best can’t sing to such an audience, only Christ can.


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