Going on Vacation


A man named James A Simpson once made the comment, “A vacation is when you pack seven suitcases, three small children, a mother-in-law, two dogs and say, ’It’s good to get away from it all.’”
It’s that time of the year when we search for worlds other than our own. We travel to destinations far and wide to experience the life others live. We immerse ourselves in the local sights, sounds and cuisine of cultures foreign to our normal mundane routines. We spend every minute exploring the shops, museums, and local sights; everyday is a new adventure, a new place to go.
We take photos by the hundreds for unforgettable memories; we send post cards, (or use to) marking our adventures. We buy t-shirts that have funny sayings about where we’ve been. Coffee mugs that make us think of our past explorations of times and places in the past.
When we get home we’re full of stories and tales of humor and danger filled days and nights we spent somewhere far off from home. While all this was happening to us, other families from other places were visiting our local towns and shops places finding new adventures far from home. They were making memories and taking pictures, visiting our museums, eating our local cuisine. They were enjoying places we go every other day of the year thinking little of the experience other than our daily procuring our daily needs.
Isn’t it amazing how far away we’ll travel to find what is in our own back yards? Searching for God is a lot like vacationing; we spend our lives looking for God in exotic places, looking in places far removed from our normal lives. We keep looking for an experience that will give us that WOW moment but typically come away unfulfilled. Somewhere, someone has the answer we believe, only if we take time and go and search. All the while, in our own bibles sitting on the shelves covered in dust is what we’ve been searching for all along. Have a good time this summer, Gods waiting when you get home.


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