Slow Down

Greetings: A friend of the preacher Phillip Brooks, called on him and found him impatiently pacing the floor. His friend asked what the trouble was. Dr. Brooks exclaimed, “The trouble is that I’m in a hurry, and God is not!” Today, we’re all in a hurry; so much so, we all tend to run right… Read More Slow Down

Charting Your Course

Greetings: The story goes like this; A Mississippi River steamboat was stopping in the mouth of a tributary stream, because of dense fog. An inquisitive passenger inquired of the captain the reason for the delay. “Can’t see up the river,” was the terse reply. “But I can see the stars overhead,” the passenger replied, sharply.… Read More Charting Your Course


Greetings: Lawlessness is a condition where very little or no law exists, where lives are unbridled, unruly, or restrained by civil laws. Laws are created for regulating the actions of society and governing a populace to maintain peace. Without laws chaos would reins, and the laws would be according to each persons own standards. Laws… Read More Lawlessness


Greetings: These days, the world we live is full of great uncertainty. To the casual observer, it seems more country’s are at war than not. More misfortunes occur with more frequencies around the globe, and more folks around the world are willing to commit atrocious crimes. It also seems, we can’t count on old reliable… Read More Uncertainty


Greeting: It seems everybody is in a hurry these days; we cut time wherever we can within our busy lives. Everything from fast foods to disposable diapers are designed for the family on the go. We have become the nuclear family, just like in the cartoon, “The Jetsons.” We zip about in our modern cars,… Read More Acronyms

Ship Building

Greetings: G.K. Chesterton and several other literary figures were asked one evening what book they would prefer to have with them if stranded on a dessert isle. One writer said without hesitation: “The complete works of Shakespeare.” Another said, “I’d choose the bible.” They turned to Chesterton, “How about you?” And Chesterton replied: “I would… Read More Ship Building

Too Late

Greetings: We as humans encounter many things in life at the exact time when it’s too late. Too late to enjoy the moment when everyone else is clapping and hollering for joy on the street or at a club, and we’re left struggling to find out what just happened. We’re often times too late getting… Read More Too Late

Hearing By Choice

Greetings: Great-aunt Lucy was losing her hearing. A specialist suggested an operation to improve her hearing. But she promptly vetoed the idea, saying: “I’m ninety-four years old, and I’ve heard enough.” Great-aunt Lucy essentially quit listening. Great-aunt Lucy is like so many in this world today, and most don’t have her excuse of bad hearing,… Read More Hearing By Choice