Hearing By Choice


Great-aunt Lucy was losing her hearing. A specialist suggested an operation to improve her hearing. But she promptly vetoed the idea, saying: “I’m ninety-four years old, and I’ve heard enough.”
Great-aunt Lucy essentially quit listening. Great-aunt Lucy is like so many in this world today, and most don’t have her excuse of bad hearing, they just quit because they’ve not been offered anything worth listening to. We’re not talking about not listening to loud music, or foul language, television, computers, concerts or any other day-to-day events. Not at all, were talking about simple things like God; people just quit listening to anything truthful about the bible or Christ.
The bible even says Christ closed most folks ears from hearing the truth, and closed their eyes from seeing it as well, and man is more than willing to accommodate Christ, maybe he believes he can claim ignorance some day in the future. Ignorant bliss is all fine and dandy for dogs, cats, horses, cows, and every other being on this planet, but not man. We have an obligation to listen, to understand, and to learn, to become a active participant in the plan of God.
We are kept in the dark only because we like it there. In the spiritual world of no sight or sound we believe we’re hidden from the view of the Father and Son. We must remember though, it’s us who are blind and deaf by choice, not Christ, He hears and sees just fine, and He’s paying attention to us.


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