Too Late


We as humans encounter many things in life at the exact time when it’s too late. Too late to enjoy the moment when everyone else is clapping and hollering for joy on the street or at a club, and we’re left struggling to find out what just happened. We’re often times too late getting the punch line of a story or joke. They’re times when were a second too late trying to catch a city bus, cab, or the sub-way and we’re left standing there watching as it picks up speed while pulling away.
We find ourselves being too late for important events like, our children’s important life events, birthdays, graduations, reunions, and even loved ones funerals. We’re too late in telling the ones we care about, we love them. And we’re too late in letting family know, we’ll be there when they need us the most.
Too late sometimes comes at the very time the condition of never was suppose to be in place. We think we’ll never have to do a certain thing we keep putting off until, it’s too late. We put those things as far back into the recesses of our minds as possible hoping never will suffice. But too late seems to be king and we face the disappointment too late so often brings.
Being too late is being human, and as humans most all of us seek some kind of spiritual life beyond this physical one. Christ has promised we could be partakers of such an event; but we love being human and overlook certain details of the promise, like certain conditions Christ placed upon them. So when the time comes and we’re faced with our own mortality, will the words ring in our ears, “I’m sorry, but you’re too late?”
Its not too late to change the outcome of that day we all face, we only need to become committed to Christ and follow His will. When that day does come, and it will come, it may be too late for so many others but you’ll be right on time.


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