Ship Building


G.K. Chesterton and several other literary figures were asked one evening what book they would prefer to have with them if stranded on a dessert isle. One writer said without hesitation: “The complete works of Shakespeare.” Another said, “I’d choose the bible.” They turned to Chesterton, “How about you?” And Chesterton replied: “I would choose Thomas’s Guide to Practical Shipbuilding.”
What would you choose? Would you be the one who chose the shipbuilders guide, or perhaps your the person wanting spiritual guidance and chooses the bible. Shakespeare might help pass the time away and stimulate the imagination but has no particle value in this exercise. Certainly, learning how to build a ship while stranded on a dessert isle would be of great benefit, and one could always take up the bible later on, right!
So you build a boat from the instructions in the book, and you launch your boat off the dessert island. You’ve accomplished your goal, but not too long into the voyage, the boat springs a leak and it sinks and you parish. What choice do you think would be a good one at this point of your life? Shakespeare doesn’t sound to bad at this juncture of your life, but the bible might be something you’ve never considered.
The bible has little or no value to many, but did you know every modern ship built today are built upon the dimensional ratios of Noah’s ark? In truth, the bible is both a physical and spiritual guide, good for survival and even good for the imagination. Don’t throw away an opportunity like, “being stuck on a dessert island,” to experience history, spirituality, life instruction, and yes, even shipbuilding tips. Choose the bible next time you decide to sit down and read, it’s a life changer.


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