It seems everybody is in a hurry these days; we cut time wherever we can within our busy lives. Everything from fast foods to disposable diapers are designed for the family on the go. We have become the nuclear family, just like in the cartoon, “The Jetsons.” We zip about in our modern cars, drinking modern beverages in our modern high-end clothes. We live in fashionable houses with great curb appeal, updated appliances within our modern kitchens.
We’ve even quit using whole words to describe everyday things. Now everything is communicated back and forth using an acronym. An acronym is a word formed using only the 1st letters of words forming a phrase; for instances, FBI, (Federal Burial of Investigations), or CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and my favorite POTUS (president of the United States). But we see this more and more and within our common speech this has become an enormous norm.
I can’t help thinking what Christ thinks about all of this? I also can’t help thinking how acronyms would have played a part during the time Christ walked upon the earth. Perhaps Peter talking to Paul they would have had a conversation that would go like this,” Peter please bring the HS (Holy Scriptures) on you next visit from your HTJ (hometown Jerusalem) with some of those wonderful OSW (olives soaked in wine).” Peter’s reply, “Sure Paul as long as the POTNOI’s (Pharisee’s of the nation of Israel) don’t interfere with my travels, thx (Thanks). By-the-way OMG (Oh My God) says hi and He’s GYIHS (got you in His sights).”
Sounds ridiculous, and who understands all of this, but this has become our world today. We’re in such a hurry we can’t even say entire words any longer and the invention of texting is a main driver in this fad. We as a society needs to slow down a bit, stop and smell the roses as they say. We’re in such a hurry we’ve forgotten many things but the most important is CBCOS (Christ blood erases our sins) and CLUE (Christ loves us everyday). And by-the-way it’s BYOB (bring your own bible) next time we’re in church.


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