The Pond


As I was looking at my pond which is full of brown water, moss, and old weeds, I wondered if new forms of life were being created. I began to ponder if different forms of life were being created by dirty ponds of water all over the globe at different times. I kept thinking to myself, “self, if it can supposedly happen once, what’s stopping it from happening again?” I continued on, “self, why hasn’t new creatures emerged over time, a new species of dinosaurs, even a new tadpole?” If all it takes is a dirty pond (which I have) a spark of electricity (which happens on occasions) to make a new never before seen creature, why has it happened only once, that scientist know of?
But, I’m sure self would be told by those that know best. the exact conditions have to be in place to achieve the desired results. Then it would take millions of more years to see the outcome; so maybe in a million or two years we will see a new tadpole. You’re asking the same question self is thinking, what happened to those that began a million or two years back, isn’t it time for them to show?
Myself and I have come to a conclusion, we don’t believe life formed in a primordial pond, we are not the products of pond scum. Self had to leave so its back to just me, but I believe there must be a creator, I know that’s shocking that someone might believe that, but I do. A creator explains the unexplainable, which was first scenarios, the chicken or the egg, the creation of distinct kinds, missing intermediates, all that mumbo-jumbo.
But, the truth is, no one can believe in God unless they’re willing to believe. No one can see past the pond scum to embrace God’s creation unless they can accept something greater than what they can feel, smell or taste. Myself, I look at my pond and see God’s creation in the fish, turtles, deer, and even snakes. I’m assured everyday by the world around me God did it, and nothing else can explain this world better than my simple pond.


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