These days, the world we live is full of great uncertainty. To the casual observer, it seems more country’s are at war than not. More misfortunes occur with more frequencies around the globe, and more folks around the world are willing to commit atrocious crimes. It also seems, we can’t count on old reliable solutions to our world’s problems any longer, which makes everything that much more uncertain.
Uncertainty is an awful feeling when it occurs in one person; it tears at you in very subtle ways. It can cause sleeplessness, nervousness, and often, irritability to occur. All these side-affects are direct cause of physical aliments making a person seem sick when it’s only uncertainty in their lives that is causing their problems.
Uncertainty in the world is very troubling as well, because many of the symptoms we see in a person are visible in the world today. One might conclude, the world is sick from its uncertainty. It’s a restless globe and on the edge of self-annihilation because its citizens are full of uncertainty. When borders begin to disappear and civilians start paying the toll for governments’ self-indulgences, the world as whole starts stirring awake to the realization of their own indifferent attitudes.
Time past, the world has experienced this type of uncertainty, but we’ve never been a world so completely full of spoiled brats and fanatics before. The combination of the two may become lethal. What will the world see and experience in the coming days? No one can give an answer to that question except the bible and our creator. Sadly though, very few in this world of uncertainty are looking for answers or comfort where it may be found. Generations ago they sought answers from our creator first, but no longer is that the case and that is making the world even sicker today.
Uncertainty is the disease that is poisoning the world and Christ is its cure. But, the world today is like the preverbal stubborn patient; we must be on our deathbed before we’ll acquiesce to the cure. The one thing we may be certain of in this uncertain world today; that cure is on its way, are you ready?


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