Lawlessness is a condition where very little or no law exists, where lives are unbridled, unruly, or restrained by civil laws. Laws are created for regulating the actions of society and governing a populace to maintain peace. Without laws chaos would reins, and the laws would be according to each persons own standards.
Laws are in place to protect the weak, and those that cannot protect themselves. Society demands strict adherence to the law, and equal application of the law. Law cannot be applied to one group in society and not others for any reason. Doing so goes against the reasoning for laws in the first place.
One must begin to ask themselves,” Why is our own government (who creates the laws), our justices system (who interprets the laws created), seem so lawlessness? I know no one wants to think we are in a condition of chaos because that would be absurd, Right! What would you call it when laws are brushed away with a stroke of pen, or a court decides against the will of the people?
But, isn’t this the remnants of something even bigger? Laws didn’t begin with man; they began with God so man could have a peaceful society. Our laws follow the laws structured by God and passed to man thousands of years ago. But society, even churches take pride and yell from mountaintops, “The Law has been done away with.” Now, I guess chaos reins, because we’ve done away with God’s laws, and now we’re fine with allowing society doing away with the very laws meant to protect us, by God and by man.
I’ve got one question for everyone; “How is that working out for us?”


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