Charting Your Course


The story goes like this; A Mississippi River steamboat was stopping in the mouth of a tributary stream, because of dense fog. An inquisitive passenger inquired of the captain the reason for the delay. “Can’t see up the river,” was the terse reply. “But I can see the stars overhead,” the passenger replied, sharply. “Yes,” came back the captain, “but unless the boilers bust, we ain’t going that way!”
Many times in our lives our true direction is hidden from us; we see only what is in clear view. We can’t see into the future any more than the passengers on the steamboat could see down the river. It’s a mystery, full of unknowns and capable of great destruction or great rewards. Making decisions on unknowns is risky, but even when the risk is challenging; charting your course with known strategies enables a person to see beyond their potential.
Many see God in this way; they only understand what they see. They dare not venture past the fog of religion, even for a little bit. To them safety is just looking up into the clear sky’s, but the fog is something they don’t understand, it hides what’s ahead and they don’t care to know anything about.
Blinded by lies they’ve been told all their lives, they would rather live in the fog looking up at what they believe is clarity; than die spiritually with Christ and live forever on the other side of the fog. But to get to the other side of the fog, you have to take chances, step outside the comfort of your beliefs. One must follow the compass of the river of life, and the Captain of our salvation, Christ!


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