Slow Down


A friend of the preacher Phillip Brooks, called on him and found him impatiently pacing the floor. His friend asked what the trouble was. Dr. Brooks exclaimed, “The trouble is that I’m in a hurry, and God is not!”
Today, we’re all in a hurry; so much so, we all tend to run right past God. We understand the speed of light and the immense distance it can travel in a second, but it doesn’t compare to the movements of this impatience world we live in today. We go, go, go, not looking back or around us for any glimpse of reality. We spend our free time searching for newer, greater adventures; all the while driving past God at every turn in our lives.
Often times, things move fairly slowly with God. We expect everything we need or pray for right now. But, what if giving you what you prayed for right that instance would harm you? What if what you wanted from God would come at a cost far greater than simple aggravation from waiting awhile longer?
We judge the wants and wishes of our children in just this very manner, why would God be any different than a good parent? The truth is we are too much in a hurry to try and understand God. Between work and the kids, and the lake; we don’t have enough time to open our bibles, nor is there enough time for prayer, and certainly not enough time for church. We’re just busy, becoming impatience with God and the lack of response. Maybe, if we sat still long enough, just long enough, we would hear his voice whispering gently with an answer. If we did hear God’s voice by some miracle, would it matter to the world outside? The answer to that question is, “Very little,” because it never has mattered before.


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