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Some folks say they don’t like surprises, but the truth is, surprises happen to everyone quit often. You can’t avoid the shocking split second an instant revelation leaps before your conciseness sending your brain into panic mode. It’s built into our make-up as humans to be surprised; it triggers a fight or flight reflex helping us to survive in a dangerous world.
For some, it might be the revelatory birthday party, family and friend plotting for weeks, all the while keeping you in total darkness; then, at the right moment you open that door it’s, “SURPRISE!” Or the surprise might come in a less dramatic way, the world being the way it is these days, young men and women are being surprised on a regular basis with the news they are going to be unwed parents. As if, no one ever told them how that might come about, but with promiscuity on the increase, “SURPRISE!” you’re going to be a dad or mom at fifteen.
You might be surprised by the doctor telling you have some kind of illness. It always seems to be a surprise even when we’ve put our bodies through brutal torture when we were younger. But the cruelest surprise of all is when the doctor may say we have cancer or some incurable disease. That’s not a surprise anyone cares to have, nor would they deserve.
There is one surprise the whole world will experience one day; Christ returns to this world. It will surprise those who don’t believe in God, because they will see Him with there own eyes. It will surprise those who do believe in God, because Christ won’t look like they believe He looks like and He won’t say the things they expect Him to say.
The entire world is teetering on the verge of a universal, “SURPRISE!” and it’s the best one ever, because they’ve been kept in total darkness, and the light is coming.

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Pills and Potions


One man asked another about a deceased friend,” Did he leave much money when he died?” “Not, not a cent. It was this way, he lost his heath getting wealthy, and then he lost his wealth trying to get healthy.”
When we get older and wiser, we soon figure out that the price we put on our health when we were younger cost us dearly now that we’ve aged. We never dreamed age could hurt so much when we were younger.
Americans spend billions every year trying desperately not to disintegrate into mindless lumps of flesh and bones. Most homes have medicine cabinets full of assortments of vitamins and snake oils, all meant to create miraculous changes in our daily lives. We gulp pills down by the handful, waiting to see if our memory gets any better or our labito returns to the state in which it was when we were twenty.
We take herbs and vitamins for weight loss, it’s been two weeks now and I still have the same ten pounds that I was supposed to lose by now. Ever wonder why twenty and thirty year old folks are the only ones advertising weight loss products, me too!
It’s vicious battle to stay young, but sooner or later age wins out, always has and always will. The one thing you can’t find in that medicine cabinet is Christ. We spend so much time looking for magical pills and potions; we don’t have time for Christ. He can heal, He can resurrect, the only one who can resurrect. Christ can make us better people all the way around, if we let him. But we stop Christ from working within us and around us, because lets face it; it’s easier to swallow a handful of pills than follow our Savior.

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No Bull!


Do you know how it’s going to be a wonderful day? For me, it’s when I go to the grocery store, get a cart and all the wheels turn the same direction. Life is grand when everything works well and there are no problems. But, it’s no so great when we’re having issue after issue all the daylong.
Life can be smooth as silk or rough as riding a bull for 8 seconds. When things go right the day goes by like a flash of light, but when things are going wrong the day can be like 8 seconds on a bull, and can seem like an eternity.
The trick is figuring out how to get off the bull and onto silk. Seems simple, but we humans don’t seem to understand the process. We seem to like being on the bull for some reason, some people like it when all the wheels on their shopping cart doesn’t turn the same direction. To those folks, I tip my hat, for the rest of us though, lets figure out how to make our days like silk.
Jesus Christ, no bull, that is how we do it. Pray for a good day, a day filled with Christ in it guiding our every step. Invite Christ to be a part of your day, and everyone you meet. Christ will work in your lives, but you need to let Him in. I don’t know if He will make all the wheels on your shopping cart turn the same direction, but including Christ and the Father into your daily lives will turn you towards the right direction, once more, no bull.

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Ferguson Justice


“Justice, Justice, we want Justice” is the continuing echo from the crowd in Ferguson Missouri. Justice for a young man seemingly gun down in cold blood by a peace officer with no other apparent motive other than wanting to kill young black innocent males according to the crowd who’s now calling for justice.
I have a couple of questions about this whole matter that someone out there may be able to help me with. First off, how is justice rightly served when the whole community’s riots, break into their neighbors businesses looting products off the shelves, burning and damaging others personal property, and threaten bodily harm to others? Whose justice do these folks truly seek? Are the majority actually seeking justice or an opportunity for thuggery, and mayhem?
These are legitimate questions even though no one seems to have the courage to ask them, because in nearly every instance in similar calls to justice by other communities, we see the same behavior exhibited. So a person must ask themselves, why is a demand for justice brought fourth by even more greater injustice? Does one injustice reconcile the behavior of a multitude?
I find it very troubling we live in a world where this seems to be the normal response to a call for justice in some communities. I don’t condone police brutality, nor do I condone robbery, murder, and destruction of private property. Facts are facts, and they will be born out in time, but justice for one can never come at the expense of so many others.
A call for justice should always include a call to God, He knows the facts of every case, and He knows who’s guilty and who’s truly innocent in all matters; so, why not call on God instead of burning the local grocery store down that serves the community for miles around. Why not call to God instead of calling for the murders of others? Why not call to God, instead of looting, rioting, and burning? Maybe the reason they don’t is, because many know what God’s response would be, if you truly want justice, first, change your life. The worst injustice of all is how we treat God as people, as a community, and as a nation. But don’t go and tell the people this, they may try and get justice by burning the nation to the ground.

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A friendly waitress couldn’t get a smile out of a certain customer. The woman was dour, depressed, and dejected all through dinner. And the food was delicious! As the woman paid her bill and was leaving, the waitress said, “Have a nice day!” And the woman responded snappishly, “I’m sorry, but I’ve made other plans!”
We all inadvertently plan moments in our lives that are counter-productive to a happy life. We decide to go out and get drunk after a disastrous day at work or indulge in a expensive habit, like shopping to make us feel better. We spend enormous amounts of time worrying about things we have no control over. We make plans to try and make ourselves happy and wind up doing things that give us the opposite results, making things even worse.
It’s amazing how humans can engulf themselves in misery. They wittingly giving themselves over to the woes of the world, not caring its effects on themselves or the people around them. We get caught up in the world’s ways, and then indulge in the world’s remedies. It’s a vicious circle that satan is happy we stay; the old adage, “Misery loves company,” fits to a tee human relationship with the world.
God enlightens man; He wants us out of this system, out of our planned misery. He wants us to follow Him; in return, he gives us comfort. But God seems to be the one thing we never plan on; isn’t that weird, He’s always been the one we could always count on, believe it or not. Have a nice day, plan on it, but with God.

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Monkey’s Greed


In Nairobi, capturing a monkey for zoos in other parts of the world is done in a unique fashion.
A shinny metallic object is placed in a long-necked jar tied to a tree. As monkey’s swing through the trees, their eyes catch the reflection of the sun on the shinning object. Reaching into the jar poses no problem to them, but when they try and bring their closed fist through the narrow openings, they can’t do it. To gain freedom, they simply need to let go of the worthless object. Instead, the monkeys sit by the jar holding the object until their captors arrive to take them away.
Perhaps we too, hold onto things in such a way, as do monkeys. The shinny worthless objects of life are so attractive; we sometimes forsake everything else to acquire them. We spend lifetimes seeking those things that almost guarantee we’ll be caught up by the world and taken to places we wouldn’t ordinarily go.
Maybe letting go of certain things we dwell on in life is a healthy thing to do. Realizing real freedom doesn’t come from who gives it to you, but you making the choice to be free. A monkey is caught by his greed, our captor is satan and he uses the same tool on man. Christ said to let go of the world and follow him, let go of those things we grasp so tightly brining us to destruction.
It takes the acts of monkeys to show the will of man verses Christ will. Unless you become Christ like and forsake everything, you can never let go of the world long enough to see true freedom with Christ in His kingdom.

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We all struggle through life’s challenges, and we all learn to overcome hurdles in our lives. Hurdles aren’t simply challenges; it’s a frame of mind we develop by the challenges we face daily. Without the hurdles our minds wouldn’t mature, they wouldn’t develop critical thinking skills and we would be like cattle waiting on our next meal.
To be a person good at jumping hurdles, is learning to process the information in front of you and making an informed decision based on that information. Most folks accomplish this task fairly well, but there are some who struggle with decision making and see hurdles instead of an everyday function making an informed decision.
Religion falls into the realm of challenging decision making. Most folks find it hard to accept they are capable of making an informed decision on religion by themselves. For some odd reason, they believe it takes a “holy man” to tell them what the bible plainly does says. The hurdle then becomes sorting out what this person says it says and what scripture actually say. Sounds weird, but throughout this world are men twisting scripture to fit some ideology for their own purposes, leaving the ordinary person to sort out the lie from the truth.
Christ gave us the ability to do this on our own. We don’t need “holy men” to tell us what is, is. Now we have one more hurdle to become a rational thinking Christian, believing what we read. That is probably the toughest part of the whole exercise, because we’re trained from birth not to believe the bible. Instead we’re trained to believe the traditions of our fathers and just as it was with the Pharisees, traditions are not always right. But that’s our hurdle, get past manss way of thinking, and start thing like Christ.