Greeting: Some folks say they don’t like surprises, but the truth is, surprises happen to everyone quit often. You can’t avoid the shocking split second an instant revelation leaps before your conciseness sending your brain into panic mode. It’s built into our make-up as humans to be surprised; it triggers a fight or flight reflex… Read More Surprise

No Bull!

Greetings: Do you know how it’s going to be a wonderful day? For me, it’s when I go to the grocery store, get a cart and all the wheels turn the same direction. Life is grand when everything works well and there are no problems. But, it’s no so great when we’re having issue after… Read More No Bull!

Ferguson Justice

Greetings: “Justice, Justice, we want Justice” is the continuing echo from the crowd in Ferguson Missouri. Justice for a young man seemingly gun down in cold blood by a peace officer with no other apparent motive other than wanting to kill young black innocent males according to the crowd who’s now calling for justice. I… Read More Ferguson Justice


Greeting: A friendly waitress couldn’t get a smile out of a certain customer. The woman was dour, depressed, and dejected all through dinner. And the food was delicious! As the woman paid her bill and was leaving, the waitress said, “Have a nice day!” And the woman responded snappishly, “I’m sorry, but I’ve made other… Read More Planning


Greetings: We all struggle through life’s challenges, and we all learn to overcome hurdles in our lives. Hurdles aren’t simply challenges; it’s a frame of mind we develop by the challenges we face daily. Without the hurdles our minds wouldn’t mature, they wouldn’t develop critical thinking skills and we would be like cattle waiting on… Read More Hurdles

Sometimes We Fail

Greetings: Most folks would agree; life is a combination of successes and failures. You rejoice over your successes and try and learn from your failures. But, in reality, it’s not always that simple. Each person tends to look at success in different ways depending on the context with how they live their lives. Like the… Read More Sometimes We Fail