We all struggle through life’s challenges, and we all learn to overcome hurdles in our lives. Hurdles aren’t simply challenges; it’s a frame of mind we develop by the challenges we face daily. Without the hurdles our minds wouldn’t mature, they wouldn’t develop critical thinking skills and we would be like cattle waiting on our next meal.
To be a person good at jumping hurdles, is learning to process the information in front of you and making an informed decision based on that information. Most folks accomplish this task fairly well, but there are some who struggle with decision making and see hurdles instead of an everyday function making an informed decision.
Religion falls into the realm of challenging decision making. Most folks find it hard to accept they are capable of making an informed decision on religion by themselves. For some odd reason, they believe it takes a “holy man” to tell them what the bible plainly does says. The hurdle then becomes sorting out what this person says it says and what scripture actually say. Sounds weird, but throughout this world are men twisting scripture to fit some ideology for their own purposes, leaving the ordinary person to sort out the lie from the truth.
Christ gave us the ability to do this on our own. We don’t need “holy men” to tell us what is, is. Now we have one more hurdle to become a rational thinking Christian, believing what we read. That is probably the toughest part of the whole exercise, because we’re trained from birth not to believe the bible. Instead we’re trained to believe the traditions of our fathers and just as it was with the Pharisees, traditions are not always right. But that’s our hurdle, get past manss way of thinking, and start thing like Christ.


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