Monkey’s Greed


In Nairobi, capturing a monkey for zoos in other parts of the world is done in a unique fashion.
A shinny metallic object is placed in a long-necked jar tied to a tree. As monkey’s swing through the trees, their eyes catch the reflection of the sun on the shinning object. Reaching into the jar poses no problem to them, but when they try and bring their closed fist through the narrow openings, they can’t do it. To gain freedom, they simply need to let go of the worthless object. Instead, the monkeys sit by the jar holding the object until their captors arrive to take them away.
Perhaps we too, hold onto things in such a way, as do monkeys. The shinny worthless objects of life are so attractive; we sometimes forsake everything else to acquire them. We spend lifetimes seeking those things that almost guarantee we’ll be caught up by the world and taken to places we wouldn’t ordinarily go.
Maybe letting go of certain things we dwell on in life is a healthy thing to do. Realizing real freedom doesn’t come from who gives it to you, but you making the choice to be free. A monkey is caught by his greed, our captor is satan and he uses the same tool on man. Christ said to let go of the world and follow him, let go of those things we grasp so tightly brining us to destruction.
It takes the acts of monkeys to show the will of man verses Christ will. Unless you become Christ like and forsake everything, you can never let go of the world long enough to see true freedom with Christ in His kingdom.


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