A friendly waitress couldn’t get a smile out of a certain customer. The woman was dour, depressed, and dejected all through dinner. And the food was delicious! As the woman paid her bill and was leaving, the waitress said, “Have a nice day!” And the woman responded snappishly, “I’m sorry, but I’ve made other plans!”
We all inadvertently plan moments in our lives that are counter-productive to a happy life. We decide to go out and get drunk after a disastrous day at work or indulge in a expensive habit, like shopping to make us feel better. We spend enormous amounts of time worrying about things we have no control over. We make plans to try and make ourselves happy and wind up doing things that give us the opposite results, making things even worse.
It’s amazing how humans can engulf themselves in misery. They wittingly giving themselves over to the woes of the world, not caring its effects on themselves or the people around them. We get caught up in the world’s ways, and then indulge in the world’s remedies. It’s a vicious circle that satan is happy we stay; the old adage, “Misery loves company,” fits to a tee human relationship with the world.
God enlightens man; He wants us out of this system, out of our planned misery. He wants us to follow Him; in return, he gives us comfort. But God seems to be the one thing we never plan on; isn’t that weird, He’s always been the one we could always count on, believe it or not. Have a nice day, plan on it, but with God.


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