Ferguson Justice


“Justice, Justice, we want Justice” is the continuing echo from the crowd in Ferguson Missouri. Justice for a young man seemingly gun down in cold blood by a peace officer with no other apparent motive other than wanting to kill young black innocent males according to the crowd who’s now calling for justice.
I have a couple of questions about this whole matter that someone out there may be able to help me with. First off, how is justice rightly served when the whole community’s riots, break into their neighbors businesses looting products off the shelves, burning and damaging others personal property, and threaten bodily harm to others? Whose justice do these folks truly seek? Are the majority actually seeking justice or an opportunity for thuggery, and mayhem?
These are legitimate questions even though no one seems to have the courage to ask them, because in nearly every instance in similar calls to justice by other communities, we see the same behavior exhibited. So a person must ask themselves, why is a demand for justice brought fourth by even more greater injustice? Does one injustice reconcile the behavior of a multitude?
I find it very troubling we live in a world where this seems to be the normal response to a call for justice in some communities. I don’t condone police brutality, nor do I condone robbery, murder, and destruction of private property. Facts are facts, and they will be born out in time, but justice for one can never come at the expense of so many others.
A call for justice should always include a call to God, He knows the facts of every case, and He knows who’s guilty and who’s truly innocent in all matters; so, why not call on God instead of burning the local grocery store down that serves the community for miles around. Why not call to God instead of calling for the murders of others? Why not call to God, instead of looting, rioting, and burning? Maybe the reason they don’t is, because many know what God’s response would be, if you truly want justice, first, change your life. The worst injustice of all is how we treat God as people, as a community, and as a nation. But don’t go and tell the people this, they may try and get justice by burning the nation to the ground.


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