No Bull!


Do you know how it’s going to be a wonderful day? For me, it’s when I go to the grocery store, get a cart and all the wheels turn the same direction. Life is grand when everything works well and there are no problems. But, it’s no so great when we’re having issue after issue all the daylong.
Life can be smooth as silk or rough as riding a bull for 8 seconds. When things go right the day goes by like a flash of light, but when things are going wrong the day can be like 8 seconds on a bull, and can seem like an eternity.
The trick is figuring out how to get off the bull and onto silk. Seems simple, but we humans don’t seem to understand the process. We seem to like being on the bull for some reason, some people like it when all the wheels on their shopping cart doesn’t turn the same direction. To those folks, I tip my hat, for the rest of us though, lets figure out how to make our days like silk.
Jesus Christ, no bull, that is how we do it. Pray for a good day, a day filled with Christ in it guiding our every step. Invite Christ to be a part of your day, and everyone you meet. Christ will work in your lives, but you need to let Him in. I don’t know if He will make all the wheels on your shopping cart turn the same direction, but including Christ and the Father into your daily lives will turn you towards the right direction, once more, no bull.


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