Pills and Potions


One man asked another about a deceased friend,” Did he leave much money when he died?” “Not, not a cent. It was this way, he lost his heath getting wealthy, and then he lost his wealth trying to get healthy.”
When we get older and wiser, we soon figure out that the price we put on our health when we were younger cost us dearly now that we’ve aged. We never dreamed age could hurt so much when we were younger.
Americans spend billions every year trying desperately not to disintegrate into mindless lumps of flesh and bones. Most homes have medicine cabinets full of assortments of vitamins and snake oils, all meant to create miraculous changes in our daily lives. We gulp pills down by the handful, waiting to see if our memory gets any better or our labito returns to the state in which it was when we were twenty.
We take herbs and vitamins for weight loss, it’s been two weeks now and I still have the same ten pounds that I was supposed to lose by now. Ever wonder why twenty and thirty year old folks are the only ones advertising weight loss products, me too!
It’s vicious battle to stay young, but sooner or later age wins out, always has and always will. The one thing you can’t find in that medicine cabinet is Christ. We spend so much time looking for magical pills and potions; we don’t have time for Christ. He can heal, He can resurrect, the only one who can resurrect. Christ can make us better people all the way around, if we let him. But we stop Christ from working within us and around us, because lets face it; it’s easier to swallow a handful of pills than follow our Savior.


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