Some folks say they don’t like surprises, but the truth is, surprises happen to everyone quit often. You can’t avoid the shocking split second an instant revelation leaps before your conciseness sending your brain into panic mode. It’s built into our make-up as humans to be surprised; it triggers a fight or flight reflex helping us to survive in a dangerous world.
For some, it might be the revelatory birthday party, family and friend plotting for weeks, all the while keeping you in total darkness; then, at the right moment you open that door it’s, “SURPRISE!” Or the surprise might come in a less dramatic way, the world being the way it is these days, young men and women are being surprised on a regular basis with the news they are going to be unwed parents. As if, no one ever told them how that might come about, but with promiscuity on the increase, “SURPRISE!” you’re going to be a dad or mom at fifteen.
You might be surprised by the doctor telling you have some kind of illness. It always seems to be a surprise even when we’ve put our bodies through brutal torture when we were younger. But the cruelest surprise of all is when the doctor may say we have cancer or some incurable disease. That’s not a surprise anyone cares to have, nor would they deserve.
There is one surprise the whole world will experience one day; Christ returns to this world. It will surprise those who don’t believe in God, because they will see Him with there own eyes. It will surprise those who do believe in God, because Christ won’t look like they believe He looks like and He won’t say the things they expect Him to say.
The entire world is teetering on the verge of a universal, “SURPRISE!” and it’s the best one ever, because they’ve been kept in total darkness, and the light is coming.


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