Rock Hunters


Here lately in the Harmon home we’ve been collecting a lot of rocks. “What for,” you ask? Well, rocks and not just any rocks are a particular attraction to my wife. She likes unique ones, shinny ones, pretty ones, pretty much everything except regular old dull rocks. We have rocks on window seals, book shelves, on the floor and decorating certain areas of interest. I tease her by telling her, half of Colorado resides in our back yard.
But, as bad as my wife is, my sister is worse. We recently made a trip to Colorado for a few days to bring back a tractor from my property there. By the time my sister had gathered all the rocks she wanted to bring home, we barley had enough room on the sixteen foot trailer for anything else; fortunately we made it back okay. I’m exaggerating a little, we had plenty of room for what we needed to bring home, we just had to inflate the tires with more air.
The world is consumed with rocks, but their focus isn’t on the worldly type. It’s on the extraterrestrial ones, rocks from anywhere from outside our atmosphere are the interest of much of the world. NASA wants to land space craft on the moon to gather more rocks. They want to go to Mars to look at those rocks, and they want to land on an asteroid in space which is just a big rock.
People in this world want all the weird rocks they can get their hands a hold of, except the one rock that counts. That rock was here on earth once but now it’s extraterrestrial, but the rock is soon returning by its own power. That rock is the purist of it’s kind, brighter than any other, that rock is Christ. Yes, I’m a rock hunter too, along with my wife and sister. We’re searching for that great rock, the foundation of all that exists; we’re waiting for the return of Christ. Do you like rocks? When you start your search for that perfect rock, you might be surprised at what you find.


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