A romantically inclined young lady said to her mother, What made you marry Daddy?” “So you’re beginning to wonder, too,” said her mother.
You might say that’s a funny way to begin a greeting, but I say, have you ever wondered why Christ keeps calling his people back to Him. We tend to stay in the dark with our relationship with Christ. We tend to only look like we love Christ, secretly our actions say something entirely different. So, Yea, I’m wondering about Christians and their relationship with Christ.
Why, you ask do I make this connection with Christ and Christians, because Christ does. He is the husband over the church and the bride is the church, the scripture say plain as day if you’re willing to believe. Ohhh! I forgot, we aren’t supposed to worry about those kinds of things. Because, we have that kind of relationship, one where only one side of the marriage is honorable, forthright, obedient to their vows, that would be Christ by the way.
Man keeps on saying, “I LOVE CHRIST” but I don’t have to do a word he says. Ever try that in a human relationship, doesn’t work so well, does it? Same with Christ, He doesn’t allow that either, you just don’t know it; remember, you’re blind. Because if you weren’t blind, if this Christian nation wasn’t blind, society would look and act completely different. Whether you believe all those scriptures pertaining to Christ union with the church are metaphors or real, they were said and taught by Christ and His disciples. That means, they have real meaning and a direct application for us to live according to the word of Christ.
What made you become a Christian in the first place? Are people wondering why you bother to look Christ like? Are you saying one thing in church and doing something else at home? Its time to show your love for Christ by keeping His commandments, His words not mine, John 14:15. Then, the world will stop wondering; at least, those closest to you will.


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