Would You Know Him?


A man asked his lawyer about collecting old debt. “Did you send him a bill?” asked the lawyer. “I sure did,” said the man. “What did he say to that?” the lawyer asked. “He told me to go to the devil,” said the man. “Then what did you do?” asked the lawyer. “Why, I came to you, of course,” the man said.
The devil truly does come in all shapes and forms. The devil or satan as he’s called, has many tools at his disposal to deceive the world, and it’s a world ripe for his deception. Humans, no matter their faith, want to believe they have the spiritual side of things pretty well figured out. They’ve been taught all the ins and outs of the does and don’t within their beliefs and they can put there finger on the culprit called satan. He has different names and appears differently within religions throughout the world, but he’s one and the same being. Satan has troubled man throughout history. He’s played one religion against another with devastation that is off the scales, and its never been more evident than today.
Even within religions, he’s managed to divide and conquer; he has split churches after churches and synagogues after synagogues, and all the while, we just keep believing he’s just a myth. My question to is, “Would you truly know him if you saw him?” Most folks would say,” Yes.” They would notice right away the horns, red body, with a forked tail. Stop and think about that for a moment; If satan is truly alive would he appear in the way you would expect, or would he come as a minister of light as the scripture says. Would he come as someone you’d instantly hate, or a being you’d instantly embrace? He is the original liar of this world, the deceiver of all the nations, scripture tells us. I ask one more time, “Would you know satan if he stood before you? Would you know his church, his people, his ministers? Would you know his doctrine, because all these are mentioned in the bible. Would you truly know satan, and for that matter, do you truly know who God is? I know you think you know, but so does everyone one else around the world within their own beliefs. Now stop and think about it, then get back with Christ.


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